Nelly Pilares

Nelly Pillars Dolmos (Cusco, 1958) started her working life in social aid projects of health care area of various hospitals. Being already a wife of Edgar Merida in 1976, she and he founded the family company MERIDA PERU for which she has done diverse artistic techniques such as painting on canvas, glass and ceramics. The latter has got the most welcomed and spread around the world providing to the work of Edgar Merida commercial responses. The company has received various awards as a successful company thanks to that.

She has worked for social projects of the "Manuela Ramos", "Women and Society" - movements fighting for gender equality in this way.

In 2005, she was honored by President Alejandro Toledo Manrique with the Order of Merit of Women in the field of arts.

In the Inkariy project, she is in charge of social range activities organizing self-sustainable workshops held in communities that surround the museum.


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