Book of Clothing

The history of pre-Columbian Peru, which consists of numerous cultures development and is under investigation of archaeologists and historians nowadays, has amazed the world! Many publications reflecting years of scientific research are a part of this valuable effort.

In addition to this work extension, we have taken the decision to produce a book that reflects over 11 years of work invested into the study of pre-Hispanic art seeking a comprehension of each society style in order to decode a meaning of each pictograph or sculpture.

Thanks to this process, we can offer the world images that reflect clothing, ornamentation and physical activities of men and women who were part of all the developed societies of our country within the over 15,000 years long history.

First edition of this work includes performances of 14 major developed cultures of ancient Peru focusing on an individual and a community of each stage of cultural development. The book consists of 17 chapters which linking is clothing starting with a use of leather until present. All this is viewed from the current graphic design perspective and introduction uses high-quality images represented as a reference of interpreted pottery and iconography.


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